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The National Model County Governments conference (National MCG) is an academic simulation program of the devolved system of governance in Kenya. The program aims to engage and educate participants about intergovernmental relations, current affairs, and the devolution agenda in Kenya.

Instituted in July 2015 by Muema Wambua, National MCG provides experiential learning to a diverse group of university/college students and faculty from all over the country. The program has a keen interest in instituting a platform for leadership by addressing current issues of governance relating to devolution which include but not limited to; security, conflict management, human rights, youth, public finance, gender mainstreaming, environment, and socio-economic development.

MCG strives to provide students (who simulate as county delegates/ambassadors) with a critical understanding of the inner workings of the devolved system of governance and to foster skills in diplomacy and intergovernmental/international negotiations. While simulating, students (delegates) prepare position papers, negotiate their policy positions, make speeches, and prepare draft resolutions that provide guidance on leadership and governance in the counties/country.

National MCG also incorporates the ideals of both state and non-state actors and their interplay in the advancement of leadership and governance in the country. Such of these actors would include inter-governmental organizations, such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the IMF, regional groupings such as EAC and EU, and non-governmental organizations such as the ICRC. Other actors would include the civil society, religious organizations, the media, and private/business sector, among others.

It is an annual conference/event with occasional extraordinary and/or privileged roundtable events, Summits, and Council Of Ministers events that shape the agenda of the MCG conferences. The National MCG further engages in on-line integrated media network that provides discourses on emerging issues of governance. It also connects students with other established simulation programs and global leadership initiatives.

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