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National MCG - Setting the Conference Agenda

The agenda of the conference and its theme thereof are guided by the Constitution of Kenya-2010 and related legislations particularly on matters devolution. Such related legislations include the County Governments Act, 2012, and the Intergovernmental Relations Act, 2013.

Additionally, the theme of the conference may be guided on current events in the national and county levels of governance. The theme of the conference is centered on the principles of devolution that include but not limited to; security, conflict management, human rights, youth, public finance, gender mainstreaming, environment, and socio-economic development.

National MCG - Tentative Committees/Topics of Interest
  1. Security Committee – Discuss policy issues on national security/defense/terrorism

  2. Gender Mainstreaming Committee – Discuss children issues youth/women mainstreaming in leadership

  3. Devolution and Legal Committee – Discuss county governance leadership and governance structures, intergovernmental relations, human rights issues

  4. Infrastructure and Energy Committee – Discuss infrastructure  and energy in development

  5. Food Security Committee – Discuss food security in the country

  6. Education Committee – Discuss global best practices in education for the 21st century learner

  7. Trade, Investment and Development

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