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Dear Distinguished Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

I am excited to invite you to apply to the inaugural National Annual Model County Governments (National MCG) Conference. Under the guidance of a staff of 47 faculty advisors and the National MCG Secretariat, delegates will experience the challenges of negotiation by assuming the roles of county government representatives and members of other intergovernmental state and non-state decision-making bodies. More than five hundred (500) delegates and forty-seven (47) faculty advisors from around the country will convene to debate issues of inter-governmental import.

Registration for this inaugural annual session will open on September 1, . All registrations should be submitted by our Registration Deadline on December 1, with expedited consideration for selection. Selected delegates list will be released on December 31, with county assignments and position papers deadlines released at a later date. Further descriptions of conference logistics, along with dates, and deadlines will be posted to our website in the weeks to come.

For over three years, county governance in Kenya, popularly termed as devolution has accentuated national development and socio-economic transformation with its roots anchored in the Constitution of Kenya, 2010. National MCG thereof employs the principles of experiential learning with collegial seminal guidelines to teach delegates not only how to debate and approach issues in inter-governmental relations, but also such essential skills as cooperation, negotiation and compromise.

National MCG main objective is to engage the delegates into active and unique policy programs in leadership at both the national and county levels of governance. Besides, the program seeks to introduce and appreciate the workings of diplomacy in inter-governmental negotiations with a keen interest in establishing a pool of highly trained competent young professionals.

During the National MCG, the educational experience is supplemented with presentations by global authorities with acumen on inter-governmental relations. Besides, the program provides mentorship opportunities for students and leadership attachments in global leadership programs. Beyond the Committee room, National MCG Machakos is proud to present the National MCG Cultural Extravaganza in-order to enhance cross-cultural exchanges amongst the delegates and faculty advisors.

The vast array of topics and committees will further ensure a unique and thought-provoking experience for each and every delegate. The topics will range from national security analysis, gender mainstreaming, devolution and governance, infrastructure and energy, food security, and trade, investment and development. These topics will be assigned to the General Assembly with specific county delegate and committees discussing unique topics while representing state and non-state actors.

This is the inaugural session of the annual educational opportunity. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to submit your application as you purpose to partake of this exciting challenge. Be the first and set #TheTrend for future National MCG conferences.



Muema Wambua
Founder and President
National MCG

February 1, 2017
©Copyright 2017, National Model County Governments