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National MCG - Brief Introduction

The National Model County Governments (National MCG) is an annual academic simulation program of the devolved system of governance in Kenya. The program aims to engage and educate participants about intergovernmental relations and the devolution agenda in the country.

National MCG provides experiential learning to a diverse group of university/college students from all over the country with a keen interest in instituting a platform for leadership and governance. The program strives to provide students with critical skills in intergovernmental negotiations. While simulating, students prepare position papers, negotiate their policy positions, make speeches, and prepare draft resolutions that provide guidance on leadership and governance in the counties/country.

It is an annual conference/event with occasional extraordinary and/or privileged roundtable events, summits, and council of ministers’ events that shape the agenda of the National MCG conferences.

National MCG - How it Works

The organization of the National MCG conference is anchored on the principles of the devolved system of governance in Kenya as enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya - 2010. In relation to the National MCG conference therefore, counties have assumed the status of independent states and are hereby represented in the conferences by students who have taken the assumed responsibilities of delegates.

National MCG - Objectives

The main objective of the National MCG program is to engage and educate participants about intergovernmental relations and the devolution agenda in Kenya.

The program seeks to mentor and establish a network of highly trained qualified young professionals who appreciate leadership and governance in the country. Besides, the program seeks to enhance cross-cultural exchanges amongst participants through the National MCG Cultural Extravaganza/s.

National MCG - Benefits to Counties and the Country

The National MCG is the surest national platform in which the county can engage university students in discourses on intergovernmental relations and the devolution agenda in the counties and the country.

The program provides a mentorship platform in which His Excellency the Governor, amongst other key global dignitaries can mentor students on leadership and governance to a national student audience.

The program will attract great speakers from the academia, foreign dignitaries, legislature, government technocrats, civil society, and private sector and this will impart the participants with critical skills.

Besides, Machakos County hosting this inaugural conference will brand the county more and yet again affirm the county’s continued dominance in setting the trends on the devolution agenda in the country.

Further, the Intergovernmental Relations Act - 2012, and the County Governments Act - 2012, provide structures for public participation and civic education and thus this program will be entrenched within the provisions of the law and will serve greatly in advancing the devolution agenda in the county.

Finally, the National MCG program will attract revenue to the county through corporate sponsorships and ticket charges/collections especially during the National MCG Cultural Extravaganza event.

National MCG - Timeline

The National MCG conference is anticipated to be held on the second week of June, every year. Preparations for the next conference are scheduled to begin in the first week of August.

For any inquiries, kindly contact Muema Wambua on 0720343598, mr.wambua@yahoo.com, @DavidsKE, @NationalMCG.