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The National MCG Cultural Extravaganza

Beyond the Committee room, the National MCG team is proud to present the National MCG Cultural Extravaganza. This is with the objective of enhancing cross-cultural exchanges amongst the participants and invited guests.

The extravaganza is scheduled for the Friday evening during the closing ceremony. This is after the grueling four days of Committee deliberations and key-note presentations.

This is the ideal moment for delegates and other participants to express the cultural understandings of the counties through art, dress, and music. Fashion designs and modeling (beauty pageantry) is also on showcase during the extravaganza.

The highlight of the cultural extravaganza is the eventful award ceremony for outstanding delegates/delegations and the hand-over of the National MCG mantle to the Governor of the next conference host county. In addition, there shall be the crowning of Mr. and Miss National MCG pageantry.

During this extravaganza, celebrated artists (both local and international) will entertain the guests. Besides, great television shows such as the #TheTrend, #FashionShow, #E-curve, Grapevine and #Mishoni will be invited to cover the glamour of night as the curtains fall on the National MCG.

This extravaganza shall be organized by the host county’s Department of Tourism in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism (Kenya Tourism Board), #BrandKenya and the National MCG team.

For more enquiries on the extravaganza, please contact us on @NationalMCG.

Thank you

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