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National MCG - Recruiting the Participants

The registration and application process is done on-line at Apply.

The recruitment is carried-out by a panel of faculty/professionals that have a background experience in collegial and seminal simulations.

The faculty/professionals are nominated and tasked by the National MCG team.

To register for a MCG conference, students identify their intention and commitment to attend the National MCG by applying through a rigorous on-line application process.

Students are required to write a short essay on topical issues on devolution as an approach to appreciate their opinion and policy positions on leadership and governance issues.

The students first create their log-in credentials and then fill-in an on-line registration form that captures their application details and their intended goals of attending the conference.

Once selected from the pool of applicants, the students receive an automatic reply from the National MCG team.

The selected delegates are therefore required to write to the secretary-general and the MCG team identifying faculty advisors for their team.

The faculty advisors identified fill in an on-line registration form to register their credentials and commit to the conference.

Once the faculty advisors submit their registration, delegates receive confirmation for recruitment and attached therein their county/state and non-state actors' assignments as well as conference schedules.

If there is a non-refundable participation fee to be charged, delegates are advised on the payment portals. This is in case the National MCG fails to secure adequate sponsorship for the conference.

When registering, delegates are asked to indicate which counties and state and non-state actors that they might want to role-play at the conference.

Delegates are further advised to present their position papers on issue areas of deliberation in the conference. This helps the National MCG team and the Secretariat to appreciate the position your county holds on a matter of policy.

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