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National MCG - Rules of Procedure

The rules of procedure in international or intergovernmental simulation exercises vary greatly. The National MCG conferences assume the rules of procedures as exercised in intergovernmental conferences and in particular the United Nations. The National MCG conferences may also engage the Robert’s Rules of Order. Besides, the National MCG is guided by the National MCG Constitution.

Since the National MCG conferences are guided by the UN rules of procedure and the Robert’s Rules of Order, some terminologies that are commonly used are made available to the delegates in order to ease the language of debate. Such of these terminologies are readily available as provided by the United Nations General Assembly glossary of terms.

During the conferences, sub-committees constituted on specific themes are instituted to provide greater attention to a particular agenda item. Delegates also engage in the less formal caucuses for greater participation and consensus building on agenda items.

Delegations are bound to present resolutions providing steps that can be taken to resolve agenda item. A resolution is written, debated, amended, in line with a county’s interest and position and in response to the debate. Delegates vote on the resolutions and the amendments, then a final resolution is produced which is agreeable to majority of the delegates and therefore adopted by the delegates thereby representing the final product of the meeting.

Dress code is strictly for international/intergovernmental conference (UN-ish attires). Let’s say dress code is for high-pitch international business. However, African/Kenyan designs/attires are welcome for the closing ceremony and the beyond the Committee National MCG Cultural Extravaganza.

The language of instruction/discussions is English, Kiswahili, and KSL*(with considered interpretation for delegates with special needs). Translation to other UN languages for international audience is readily available.

At the end of the conference, delegates are issued with certificates that are classified as; Certificate of Competence, Certificate of Participation, and Certificate of Attendance.

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