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National MCG - Tentative Structure

The Presidency

The President of the National MCG along with the Deputy President heads the MCG Conference and related activities such as summits and Council of Ministers meetings. The President must have thorough knowledge of the National MCG ideals, structures, and rules of procedure. He coordinates and supervises all administrative work in the National MCG. The President approves all committee appointments into the National MCG. He also directs the budget with the approval of the Executive Board. The Deputy President is the principal assistant to the President and assumes all roles of the Presidency as is when assigned. Both the President and Deputy President are referred and addressed with the same degree of honor. The Presidency works in close consultation with the Executive Board.

The Executive Board

The Executive Board of the National MCG provides advisory to the Presidency and the Secretariat. It is constituted of professionals with adequate experience and expertise in leadership and governance.


The summit is constituted of the Chairpersons of County Delegations. The Summit identifies and implements policy on behalf of the General Assembly/Committee of the Whole House. The Summit also convenes to deliberate on issues that may occasion extra-ordinary or privileged sittings.

Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers presides over unique functions of the National MCG. They constitute the Sub-Committees. The members of a specific sub-committee shall have adequate knowledge and skilling. They guide and deliberate sub-committee proceedings on different topics of interest during the conference. The Council of Ministers can convene a privileged sitting to deliberate on an issue area that may not require the intervention of the Committee of the Whole House.


The Secretary-General is responsible for planning all National MCG simulations. S/he works in close consultation with the Presidency and may be assigned duties when such arise. S/he is the responsible for all public relations and publicity for all the National MCG conference and related events.

General Assembly (Committee of the Whole House)

The General Assembly is the Committee of the Whole House. It is constituted of delegates representing counties and other state and non-state actors of interest to the National MCG agenda. The delegates are competitively recruited from a pool of applicants. See MCG - Recruiting the Participants


The Sub-Committees are divisions of General Assembly constituted of delegates with a particular interest, skilling and qualification in a unique field of interest as per the agenda of the National MCG.


The Secretariat is the body in charge of organizing the National MCG and related conferences. It is composed of professionals with interest in leadership and governance. Key expertise required for the Secretariat include; legal studies, international/governmental relations, advocacy, project management, grants management, finance, public relations, and IT (web-designing & database management) skills.